Jessie's Letter

Rabbi Pinsker asked each of Fran's sons to write out a final letter to their mother.  This is Jesse's letter.

Dear Ema:

Whenever you met someone you were never on their bad side. You love everyone that you meet, and I am very sure that every person you met loved you a lot, but you still loved them way more then they love you. Your love was strong and solid.
You had the biggest heart out of all the people I know - your friends, Aba's friends, Yoni's friends, Jordie's and way bigger then any of my friends.

You were always committed to work or volunteer work, but most of all you loved to see Yoni, Jordie and me play hockey or baseball and you were never late. Whenever you were at the rink or the diamond you always had a huge smile on your face ear to ear.
Either at the rink or the diamond you knew almost everybody there. At the diamond you always had a diet coke in one hand and a bunch of (sunflower) seeds  in the other.
You had more mothers, more sisters, more brothers, and way more children then you thought you did. These were not your friends, no, this was a huge family, and still is because of you.  You were the nicest person I had ever met and still are. You loved so many people it's hard to name them. Grandma, Aba, Yoni, Jordie, Me, auntie Delly, uncle Bill, Melody, auntie Karen, Charles. Auntie Lisa, Dana, Kelsey, Kevin, Karen, Pnina, Ricky, Ella,Shelly, Karen Teddy, Mathew, Jason, Bobby, Cory, Kileen, Mike, Lucas, Dano, Jesse, everyone from work and everyone from Goulding.

I know you only wanted us to be happy and you always will. So I'll try to be happy and I'll always love you and I know you will always love me.  You take up my whole heart, I loved the way you danced in the car with two fingers - especially to Janet Jackson, and I did not realize how much I loved you calling me ___________.

How you sang, I loved you always and always will. I loved going to shull with you, and I am pretty sure you loved going to shul with me. It was fun. Once again I love you so much and I know you love me way more. I will always love you.

You always knew what we liked and disliked. You knew our favourite animals, our favourite food, our favourite sport, but most of all how much we love you. You taught my brothers and me everything we know. Everybody loves you especially me.

Love always your #3 boy,

Jesse Mark Yacoubov