Lisa's Letter

This going back down memory lane is so tough and so fulfilling.  My sisters and I often did "do you remember…" sometimes it would be a song, other times a memory of something we did, here are a few of mine with Franny in mind.

One of my first memories is of watching Franny, Delly and Karen playing ball on the front lawn of our home on Gemini – I got my head caught between the wrought iron railings. The fire department had to be called to rescue me. The whole time Franny was crying because she could not "fix" me.

Another memory is while we were at Town & Country mall – Franny accidentally pulled my arm out of my socket – I was being a brat – while I stared at my arm just hanging there Franny was screaming that she broke me and did not know how to put me back together – I – being the brat that I was, thought she was pretty funny.  I don't think she ever forgave herself for that – I did.

I also remember singing all our camp B'nai Brith songs – all four of us – wow – what a voice she had. I can now say that I have the worst voice in the universe – it used to be Franny.  But we had a great time singing those songs.  She always remembered the words to all of them. If you needed to know lyrics, trivia, just about anything – everyone called Franny.   Just a couple of days ago, I needed to find some information and did not know how to go about it – first thing I did was go to call Fran. I actually stated dialing when I realized she wasn't there to help me. I don't know how to get all the answers now.  She was everyone's expert – on how to get the best or do the best or just be the best.

Then there's the date of April 26, 1977 – I called her every year and said "Happy Anniversary".  I'm sure no one – not even Haim remembers that this was the date that they got engaged – but for some reason it stuck in my head and I called her every year – all 25 of them.  I remember one year that she actually forgot – can you believe that?!

When I got married and asked if I could have her boys in my bridal party she was thrilled. Yoni just told me that he still has the gift I gave him for being in the wedding.

What a pleasure it was and still is to look back at the pictures and see Yoni & Jordie walking down the aisle for me.  Jesse was in his "Sunday finest" - at six months old he was wearing his first "tuxedo" – okay it was sleepers – but Franny always dressed her boys appropriately.

Two years later when Franny found out that I was expecting a baby – she could not have been more thrilled. I called her often to find out what was happening – and she wanted me to call her after every doctor's appointment or test that I went on. She was very involved with the pregnancy.  When I gave birth – she was there within the hour and brought a letter to Kelsey welcoming her to our world.

Dear Kelsey

Welcome to the world!  You were born at 5:06 p.m. and made all of us so very happy.

When your Mommy and Daddy told us that they were having a baby, we were all so excited.  We needed a new baby.

There are so many people welcoming you to this world – your Grandmas Lil and Penny, your aunts & uncles – me, Haim, Delly, Karen, Howie, Fim & Dylan and your cousins – Yoni, Jordie, Jesse, Melody, Rebecca, Laura and Kyle, to mention extended family and friends.  Your Papas – Kenny and Al – would have been so proud of you. I know that they are in heaven watching you and smiling because they are so proud and happy to have such a beautiful new granddaughter named for them.

 The world can be a confusing place sometimes, but seeing you makes everything seem so right.

 I held you and hugged and kissed you. You are so warm and cuddly and your hair feels like fur. You are very quiet, but you make funny faces just like your Mommy. You wouldn't keep your eyes opened, so I don't know what they look like, but I know they are beautiful.

 My sweet little Kelsey – I wish you a long, healthy life filled with love and happiness.  Welcome!


   Aunty Franny xoxoxoxoxo

I re-read this letter to Kelsey just a couple of weeks before Franny passed away.  When she did, Kelsey said, "get the Franny letter".  It was so hard seeing her handwriting and knowing that flowing hand won't be on anymore birthday cards or letters.

Franny always knew exactly what everyone wanted for his or her birthdays or Hanukah.  She would buy for everyone year round. This year she gave Kevin a present that no one else could find anywhere.  I tried for three months. When I told Franny this – she went shopping and found it!  Kevin was so excited – Franny came through – like always.

Sitting here typing and the images are flying fast and furious through my mind – picturing her at all the holidays at Mom's place – with her hands in soapy water washing something or other – laughing.  What a great laugh. I wish I had that laugh on file.

Franny and I were e-mailing each other a lot these passed couple of months.  The day before she died I had e-mailed her some questions – like what Jesse wanted for this birthday and some other information that I needed and asked if she had it. I got the information during Shiva.

She wrote

"For his birthday or his bar mitzvah?"


"I'll get back to you on that – I can't find it right now. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend for the party" xoxo.


I'll love her for always;
I'll miss her for ever.