Noam's Letter

Dear Yacoubov Family:

I am so sorry. I am a student at Heschel going into Grade Eight and Fran was one of the nicest people there. I have known Fran for 3 years. She always was so cheerful and optimistic about life.One of my favorite memories is:ln Grade 6 I wrote a story about an ancient Egyptian woman. I got an A+ on it. Fran was so proud. She read it and I remember her favorite part was the sentence "I vowed if I ever got my hands on that fly-infested ball of hippopotamus dung I would mash him into a pulp with my bare hands and throw him into the Nile for the crocodiles to have him." She was always very involved in Heschel Life. In Grade 6 me and some of the Grade Sevens at the time would always hang around Fran's office. We would stay our whole recess in there. I remember in Grade 7 one of the Grade Eights nicknamed her Franny May' because we would always come into the office saying "Franny, may I have a fork?", "Franny, may I have a knife?", "Franny, may I have a band aid?", "Franny, may I have a tissue?", "Franny, may I have a ball"... Fran was like a second mother to us. She even drove me home on numerous occasions when my dad couldn't pick me up from school. I deeply regret that I wasn't in Grade Eight. If I was, I could tell you the many wonderful adventures I'm sure she had in Halifax with the Grade Eights. But I wasn't there. I used to eat lunch in her office until she gently told me to make some friends and eat with them. We were always scrambling last year for a chance to "be Fran". While Fran had many meetings to attend at lunch with the Finance Committee she needed someone to answer the phone. So we all signed up on a list and we would take turns giving out forks and answering the phone. I just wish she could have seen my graduation. She would have been so proud. We all loved her and the school will be empty without her.

    Noam Sienna