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Tree Planting

Tree Planted in Memory of Fran Yacoubov:

On behalf of the committee of the Environment at the
Junior high, Grade 6 student William Trister and Grade
8 student Mark Bernstein-Hendry write about 'Fran's
Tree' planted last fall in memory of Fran Yacoubov, a
dearly beloved friend of the The Tornto Heschel School
staff and students.

Planted near the east entrance of the Junior High
campus, the Committee placed a commemorative stone at
its base where there will soon be daffodils blooming.
to protect the tree, the perimeter has been lined with
pink feldspar. Pink was Fran's favourite colour.

This beautiful tree has a common name for it, "Green
Ash". In Latin the Green Ash's name is Fraxinus
Pennsylvanica. it grows 2-3 feet per year. the one
thing that's great about it is that it's air-pollution
tolerant, and drought-resistant. it has to live in
full sun. It is able to live in any kind of soil. In
the fall, the Green Ash's beautiful colour is bright
yellow. It grows quickly and it's ideal for harsh
conditions. Get ready tree, you'll soon be surrounded
by your friends the butterflies!

Morah Fran, this beautiful tree is for you! We picked
this wonderful, beautiful tree because you're
wonderful and beautiful. This tree is dedicated to
you! This tree and you will always be in our minds
and our hearts. We love you!