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Fran Yacoubov born Nov. 27,1954, passed away at home on Aug 14,2002. Franny had an extraordinary impact on the world around her, and is greatly missed. Well over a thousand people attended the service at Steeles Memorial Chapel..

Fran Yacoubov
 1954 - 2002

" I think our nine-year-old son put it best - upon learning of Fran's death, his eyes filled with tears and he simply said, 'She was my friend'."
(note from Sara, Julian & Ari)

Fran's Biography
written by her sister Karen

Fran Yasny Yacoubov was a rare and special gift to the world. Her charisma and caring ways touched many thousands of people throughout her 47 years.  Fran was a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and trusted friend, and she was a positive influence for people of all ages.  Fran was reliable, responsible, and always punctual. She was our biggest cheerleader -  offering encouragement and support. She was a keen and interested  listener. Her delightful laughter and giggling was contagious.  She was extremely sensitive and kind.  Fran was the keeper of many people's secrets, and she made you feel important and special in her presence.

Fran was also the keeper of traditions, and she would send you more than one birthday card - just to make sure you really knew she was thinking of you!   Franny loved to go shopping; she loved art and clothes and jewellery and food and books.  Fran had the greatest memory recall, and  was considered by many as a 'walking encyclopedia' and she was the one that everybody would call for information on just about everything!

Fran was a Judaism promoter, and a volunteer for many organizations. She sat on many boards as director, and was a true leader and contributor in the finest way – as she shared so much of her time and devotion. Fran would always remind you of important dates to remember, to ensure that no one ever missed others' birthdays, events or anniversaries.

Fran loved jokes and laughter, sports and music, family and friends, and all children.  She always kept her word, and was a true peace-keeper, and she would encourage and route for the under-dog. She kept in touch with so many people on a daily basis – how she fit us all in a single day we will never know, especially since her time commitments were so plentiful. Fran was an adviser to many, an inspiring mentor, and so many people's trusted confidante.

Fran, your legacy of giving, has inspired all of us to become better people, for ourselves, our families, our communities - and the world.  You exemplified "giving" and we can only hope to leave as lasting a legacy as yours, in our own lifetimes!

We hope you knew how much you were truly admired and loved Franny, you will live on in our hearts and memories forever!


Francine Gail Yasny was born on Grey Cup Parade day, as the procession moved by Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto Ontario Canada, November 27, 1954.

Fran was the first daughter born to Ken and Lil Yasny. As a baby, Fran was always in motion, and learned to crawl at an early age…..albeit backwards! She would also crawl on her belly commando-style in pursuit of the family dog .  She could bounce her crib across the bedroom floor -  while inside of it!

Fran was a happy baby and was overjoyed at 15 months old with the arrival of sister Adele in 1956. Fran adored the new baby and called her "Dolly" which later evolved to the name of Delly.  Fran always demonstrated and proved her mature, responsible and motherly caring ways and was delighted with the arrivals of sisters Karen in 1959 and Lisa in 1961. Fran would carry Karen around with her on her shoulders and in her arms – even when Karen was nearly as long as she was. And Lisa was always by Franny's side, as Fran would read and tell stories and nuture and tickle her.  Fran loved to make her sisters laugh. 

Fran always loved little babies, and would babysit all of the newborns in the Willowdale neighbourhood, as a very responsible 10 year old, onward. At Snowcrest Public School, Fran would often go down to the Kindergarten classes to help out with the little kids, ensuring they put their coats and boots on during cold wintery days.

With money saved from her babysitting earnings, Fran would purchase radio's, record players, records, cassette's or 8-tracks, whatever the technology of the day offered, in order to hear anything that played music – another passion of hers. She loved the music of her youth, including the "family songs" that she grew up singing -especially Glen Miller and the big band songs, Frank Sinatra's 'New York New York', the Eagles 'Hotel California', 'Maggie May', 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 'I'm Too Sexy', and of course her favourite camp b'nai brith song 'C~H~I~C~K~E~N'., and so many others!. Fran would always have music playing, from the moment she awoke in her bedroom, then again in the bathroom, and also in the kitchen as she went about preparing for her day.  Fran would sing out with delight, memorizing every word of every popular song, including memorizing and singing commercials too!

Fran learned to read at 5 years old, and was hooked on that hobby immediately. She could read entire books in a day, and especially loved mysteries including Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie novels, then, as an adult , she thoroughly enjoyed Sue Grafton's writing, she also read tons of Harlequin Romances, and she adored her absolute favourite book series by Janet Evanovich, which were humorous a little bit steamy, but still a great mystery, and these would make her laugh out loud, a lot! As a young girl, Fran would go to the Bookmobile every Saturday morning and borrow a pile of books sky-high! Fran always shared her wealth of books and magazines, as these were passed on to her mom, her sisters, and friends, and these books were passed on and on too. What a wonderful gift to share.

In the family unit, Fran became known as "Franny-Good-Girl" as she would never say bad things to your face, nor behind your back. During any conflict, she would say "that's just the way things are", and then try to accept them, even though she would go to her room and cry privately with upset after the altercation. Fran would take the blame, even when it wasn't her fault (much to the delight of her siblings), and she would cry on her sisters behalf if any of them were ever spanked or hurt themselves in any way.

Fran was always "the referee" and would make the sisters kiss and make-up after each and every fight, saying "you can't go to sleep mad at each other"!  Fran was the referee outside of the house as well, as she would ensure fairness in the schoolyard, she would negotiate hostage situations with many cousins and friends, as the older relatives would pick and torture the younger ones.  Her Mantra was "everyone should just get along".

Fran volunteered at Cheltenham Nursing home as a young teenager, showing that her caring for others had no age limitations. She was dedicated and punctual as a volunteer, as an employee, and as a friend, wonderful traits that lasted her entire lifetime.

Fran's education was in Toronto, attending Snowcrest and Kenton Drive Public Schools, then went to Fisherville Junior High School, and Northview Heights Secondary School where she graduated in 1972.

As a teenager, Fran hung out with a  Willowdale group of fun-loving, fast car driving, partying-buddies whom she adored. Fran would also advise the guys during girlfriend or school troubles, would care for 'her boys' if they were too intoxicated, ensuring they got home safe and sound, and would always be story-telling, to make everyone laugh in delight. Fran was terribly upset in later years ,when her dear friend from this fun-time of her life, Wesley White died in a tragic airplane crash in the Arctic.

Fran worked in an office in downtown Toronto for a year after graduation, but felt restless and made a big decision to move to Israel and live on a Kibbutz in 1973. She joined Kyriat Shmona Kibbutz, and absolutely loved the communal lifestyle there, where everyone had to work together and get along. She enjoyed the atmosphere of 'one big family'.

Fran returned to Toronto in 1974, then worked again in the city in an administrative position at London Life Insurance.  However in 1975 she felt the calling back to Israel.  She flew to Tel Aviv and was employed full time, at the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel on the Reception desk. Fran was voted best employee of the year at the Hilton Hotel in 1976.  While she was working there, the Mayor of Toronto at the Time, Phil Givens would arrive at the hotel, personally bringing her care packages from her family that included letters and photo's, Open Window Rye Breads, peanut butter and every recent Canadian newspaper and magazine publication.

During this stay in Israel, Fran worked diligently on losing weight, and succeeded by dropping over 80 pounds in 1 ½  years.  This was a very social time for Fran, as she met loads of travelers from around the world, and the hotel was a hub of excitement.

Fran met Haim in October 1976, and she knew instantly that "he was the one she would marry".  Her letters and telephone calls during this period were so uplifting and enthusiastic, even though there was much unrest in the Middle East.

Haim and Fran were engaged on April 26, 1977.  Fran returned to Canada on Mothers Day that year.  She was so happy and healthy, she just glowed with her love of life, and was so thrilled wearing clothing to accentuate her new sexy body! The wedding was planned in only 6 weeks time, and everyone got caught up in the excitement.  Haim flew to Canada on June 16th, with a busy social schedule of parties, and showers, and dinners planned on the 'new couple's' behalf. It was such a joyous time.

Fran and Haim were married at the Pride of Israel, on June 26, 1977 in the presence of over 200 guests. They honeymooned in Montreal, Quebec.  On their return from honeymooning, the Yacoubov's,  moved into Fran's parents (Ken and Lil) newly designed and built basement apartment at 520 Cummer Avenue.  They lived there for 2 years, then moved to an apartment on Goldfinch for the next 12 years.


The Yacoubov's were eager to start a family, as Fran wanted to have enough children for her very own hockey team! First son Yoni was born in 1981 – Fran was so overjoyed with her beautiful son, who grew to be a sensitive and loving individual, who was charming and witty, he had a wonderful sense of humour, was charismatic and honourablel'.  Yoni reminded Fran so much of her father Kenny with his long and lean look, and his wonderful story-telling and entertaining ways. Fran felt that Yoni's talents and abilities would direct him into a career in Sales and Marketing, which he studied and graduated from, at Humber College. Fran and Yoni had a very special bond and were true friends.

Jordie was son number 2, born in 1983, he was the cutest and most easy -going and joyous and cuddly child.  Jordie loved sports, and cars, he was popular and spiritual, he loved to keep the peace in the family, and always confided in Fran.  They were very connected together, and spent much time together socially and at sporting events.  Fran always knew that Jordie's capacity for giving was a strong and innate ability of his – and she felt that his giving nature perfect for a career in caring - and she could see this developing more every single day, as he grew through manhod.

Jesse was son number 3,  born in 1989. What a lively, and interesting little boy he was.  He was fun and smart -always well-groomed, creative and extremely self-aware and very expressive, whom everyone described as "coolest of the cool".   Jesse was best friends with Fran, and they spent every possible minute together.  Fran always said that Jesse was a true leader of men, and she had very big expectations for her youngest boy.

Fran was so flattered by how good looking her children were! Each time she was pregnant, she didn't know how she would ever be able to love the next child as much as she loved the previous – but she absolutely did, and she was also a positive influence, and guiding mother-figure to numerous other children.

Fran was so proud of her boys, she spent as much time as possible with them.  She would attend every single hockey practice, game and tournament, and also every baseball game and function.

Her involvement in the Goulding Park arena's organization were far reaching, from being a mentor and supporter to all of the little kids, to Convening the games, organizing and scheduling, fundraising and planning social events.  Fran always splurged on treats and goodies for other peoples kids at the arena. She was the 'driver' for all of her boys and their friends, providing fun, music, diet-coke's, yummy snacks and consistent laughter and stories in her vehicle, always on the go!

There are only 24 hours in a day – yet Fran managed to fill them entirely by giving of herself, her energy, and her time. Fran was on the executive committee at Goulding Arena for both the Baseball and Hockey associations. She was the President of the Board at Gan Yeladim Day Care Centre for over 12 years, and volunteered at Gan Yeladim, long after her children were too old to attend. She was on the Parent/Teachers Association at Northview Heights Secondary School, and was thrilled that both Yoni and Jordie graduated from the same High School as she did.  She served on the Board of Associated Hebrew School.

Fran ran the office and fundraising events for Canadian Friends of Haifa University for 7 years, raising more money for the school than any of the other branch offices around the world. She actively supported Mike Feldman in his political pursuits, raised money for the Cancer society, and sick children, and made numerous contributions, financially and of her time, to many other organizations.

Fran was hired at Toronto Heschel School, hearing about the opportunity through her dear friend Gail Baker (now principal).  Fran was the school administrator, and was involved in all aspects of the day-to-day running of the school – but also so much more,  as she was friends with everyone from the maintenance staff to the teachers and especially to each student who often pretended to be sick in class, just for the opportunity to go to Fran's office for a supportive talk, a cookie and a smile or kind word or band-aid, and back to class they would go.

Fran was adored by friends and family, dignitaries and lay-people, young and old, rich and poor, and everyone felt better about the world after being in her presence.

Fran, Franny-Good-Girl, Franny-May, Ema, Mom, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend, Mentor, Guide, Adviser and Auntie….. you had many names in your much-too-short lifetime. Yet each name was always said in love – how lucky for all of us who knew you!